Our goal is to provide information and training to our students,
equipping them with the experience and knowledge required to
work in a landscape maintenance environment.

There has been a rise in Canadians paying special attention to their backyards and the appeal of how things look from the outside. It is highly likely that as a customer, you are more likely to enter into a store and purchase merchandise if the exterior is neat and tidy. This concept applies to businesses as well as the home. You are generally happier if things around you are neat and not full of clutter. This is where special attention to keeping a place well maintained comes into play. Maintenance in landscaping is quite important because it renews the appeal of the environment in areas where landscaping has been done.

If done correctly, maintaining an area can have great benefits. This includes anywhere from increasing the value of the home/business to increasing the overall happiness of the people that live/work there. As with any task in the world, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to do things. Our aim is to properly educate people who are interested in working outdoors. Our goals include teaching students, working adults etc the safe way to use various tools and machines used in outdoor maintenance as well as key facts and tips to ensure the growth of a healthy lawn.

Our course guide includes:

- Introduction
- Lawn Maintenance Safety
- General Starting Procedures
- Garden and Tools Equipment
- Lawn Maintenance Tips
- Maintenance Action Plan
- Training Matrix
- Completion Summary
- Plans For A Better Future

Our 2 week intensive training program is
made up of 5 courses:

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